2 Stocks to Buy, 1 Stock to Sell

2 Stocks to Buy, 1 Stock to Sell

Stock Market, Invest Where the Growth Is

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In this episode, MarketBeat contributor Chris Markoch returns. He and Kate discuss three stocks Chris has been evaluating in light of the escalating Russia-Ukraine crisis. Chris discusses two stocks to buy, and one to sell.

Points discussed in this episode: -Markets hate uncertainty: This is a time when investors need to be very careful; things can change quickly. Volatility is likely to be around for some time -You have to invest for how things are; not how you might want them to be. Some sectors will perform well. You owe it to yourself to invest where the growth is.

Stocks to Buy: Energy Sector: Chevron (NYSE:CVX) ● Stock is up approximately 14% since the invasion (2/24) ● Record free cash flow in 2021 ● “significant” debt pay down ● Higher dividends for 34 consecutive years ● Continued plans for share buybacks Cybersecurity Sector: Palo Alto Networks (NYSE:PANW) ● Up approximately 15% since the invasion (2/24) ● Top cybersecurity pick by Morgan Stanley – believes PANW stock will outperform sector ● Beat on top and bottom lines in February 21 – days before the invasion ● Significant analyst price target increases Stock to Sell: John Deere (DE) ● Love the long-term story but short-term outlook looks challenging ● Deere’s presence in Russia spans 130 years ● In 2018, they announced plans to expand Russian operations ● In September 2021, agribusiness was rated one of the most promising sectors of Ukraine’s economy ● Both countries are important fertilizer producers

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Chris Markoch

Chris Markoch

Chris Markoch is a freelance financial copywriter with over five years of experience covering various aspects of the financial markets. You may find his writing a little different than other stock articles you’ve read. And that’s OK with him. Chris doesn’t have a traditional finance background. What he does bring to the table is a strong business and marketing background having worked for agencies that serviced Fortune 500 companies. With that in mind, he isn’t overly impressed with what companies say, and more focused on what they do. And because buyer behavior dictates so much of what happens with a stock, Chris always keeps the end consumer close in mind. Chris has been writing for MarketBeat since 2018.

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