Buy the Dips or Get Defensive for 2022

Buy the Dips or Get Defensive for 2022

Tightening and Tapering - How the Fed Will Affect the Stock Market

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In today’s episode, Kate Stalter talks with MarketBeat contributor Jea Yu, who shares two stock picks and discusses how Fed tapering may affect markets going forward.

In this conversation, Kate and Jea discuss:

● What can we expect when it comes to interest-rate hikes this year ● What will monetary tightening mean for your portfolio? Jae offers some specific ideas ● What are some stocks Jea likes for this year? ● Should you invest in superheroes? ● Where does Jea see an opportunity to get into Discovery (DISCA)? ● What other entertainment industry stock does Jea see potential in? ● Which entertainment segments are driving revenue now?

You can find Jea at MarketBeat:

Or on Twitter: @JeaYu21

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