Green Tech Investing With Brendan Coffey

Green Tech Investing With Brendan Coffey

E.S.G. Investing for 2022

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In this episode, Kate talks to Green Tech analyst and investor Brendan Coffey about that fast-growing area of the market. They discuss:

What is green tack and how does it differ from E.S.G.?

Why Brendan uses technical indicators such as momentum and relative strength to choose stocks.

What are some of the technical parameters he uses to screen?

How he incorporates fundamentals into his screening process.

A stock in the “up cycling” industry that Brendan likes right now.

Brendan’s long-term forecast for green tech.

What happened to green tech valuations during the dormant period in the middle of the last decade? Has that changed?

How are green techs affected by the broader concerns about growth stocks?

An ETF that tracks the green tech index Brendan follows.

What’s the trend now for green tech valuations?

Do you have to give up growth to invest in green tech?

A semiconductor green tech name that Brendan likes, and an Aerogel stock he’s watching.

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Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter is a Series 65-licensed asset manager, with more than two decades of experience in various areas of financial services. As an investment advisor and financial planner, Kate personally manages client portfolios, with a focus on successful retirement, including asset allocation, income generation and tax strategies.

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Brendan Coffey

Brendan Coffey

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