How to Profit In The Bear Market

How to Profit In The Bear Market

Stock Trading in Bear Markets

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Today, on The MarkeBeat Podcast Kate is joined by a repeat guest, Rob Isbitts of Sungarden Investment Publishing. Rob specializes in ETF portfolios designed to deliver returns in any kind of market condition, including the current bear. In this conversation, Rob gives specific ideas for handling various allocations in your portfolio, and discusses how to approach inverse ETFs.

Rob’s take on current market conditions, using the S&P and the Nasdaq as a prism for the broader market

What does Rob see in the current “risk on/risk off”or “nickel and dime” market

How should you handle this market where equities will rise quickly, but fall again just as fast?

How can you combine your offensive investment strategy with a defensive component, without trying to time the market?

Are investors in a complacency phase or a despondency phase?

Is “buy the dip” outdated?

How should you handle the bonds in your portfolio?

How bond ETFs have come to dominate the fixed-income market, and why that’s a problem for investors

Why you should view bonds as another form of equity

How should you incorporate inverse ETFs, rather than cash, into your strategy?

If the market can’t hold a rally, but hasn’t yet bottomed, can the bear market end?

What investments can help you make more money, the more the market declines?

How to short the S&P 500 without using a margin account

Why it’s important to understand the construction of the ETFs you own

How to use ETFs instead of options

ETFs mentioned in this episode:

Cambria Tail Risk ETF (TAIL) ProShares Short S&P 500 ETF (SH) ProShares VIX Short Futures ETF (VIXY) ProShares Short VIX Short Term ETF (SVXY)

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Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter is a Series 65-licensed asset manager, with more than two decades of experience in various areas of financial services. As an investment advisor and financial planner, Kate personally manages client portfolios, with a focus on successful retirement, including asset allocation, income generation and tax strategies.

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Rob Isbitts

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