Is Staying the Course Still The Best Investing Strategy?

Is Staying the Course Still The Best Investing Strategy?

Inflation Protection With Asset Allocation

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Today Kate sits down with Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, Managing Director and Multi-Asset Strategist at Wellington Management Company and Global Investment Strategist for Hartford Funds. Nanette gives us a fund manager’s perspective on the big picture, with a particular emphasis on how to allocate asset classes, and where investors should consider paring back or adding.

How today’s higher inflation, growth fears, and Fed rate hikes make today’s investment environment challenging Is simply staying the course the right thing to do right now.

With growth not working at the moment, what other asset classes should investors be adding?

Should investors try to anticipate where the market’s going, given today’s unusual economic landscape?

How your time horizon should guide your investment decisions as you formulate a philosophy and framework.

Over the long time, the normal pattern of the economy is to grow, but the current environment means you should tilt toward a more defensive allocation

How should you allocate your portfolio given that fixed income is declining at the same time as equities?

Has the market already priced in some of the current risky scenarios?

Does Nanette believe the traditional 60/40 portfolio is dead, as many analysts are saying?

Should you be increasing your cash holding now?

How should investors include commodities in a diversified portfolio?

What is one of the few asset classes that can offer protection in a stagflation environment?

What’s the danger of making too many portfolio shuffles to avoid losses, but perhaps missing a new rally?

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Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter is a Series 65-licensed asset manager, with more than two decades of experience in various areas of financial services. As an investment advisor and financial planner, Kate personally manages client portfolios, with a focus on successful retirement, including asset allocation, income generation and tax strategies.

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Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

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