Is The Market Near a Bottom, Does it Matter?

Is The Market Near a Bottom, Does it Matter?

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Today’s interview is a little different, in that you get a LOT of market perspective from someone who’s been analyzing stocks from the ground up, for more than three decades.

In this conversation, Kate chats with Nancy Zambell, the chief analyst for the Cabot Money Club Letter - and Nancy has a really deep and varied background in the financial industry - as she mentions in this interview, she’s been a banker, real estate professional, and a stock market analyst.

Nancy tells us about her process, back in the day, of driving around the country, visiting small companies to get a first hand view of their operations - and she has some pretty funny stories about several of these experiences - and in addition to being a fun discussion, Nancy does offer some warning signs about what might give you pause, when evaluating a possible stock purchase

She also gives a detailed rundown of what SHE is looking for in a stock, using the time-tested value analysis pioneered by Benjamin Graham - who was Warren Buffett’s mentor.

Finally - Nancy also shares two stocks and one ETF that she recently featured in her advisory - and tells us why she believes these are worth watching - even as they are - like almost everything else - currently off their highs

Lots of gems here, and some fun, as well today - give a listen to Kate’s interview with Nancy Zambell, of the Cabot Money Club Letter

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